14 Jun
Eagle Platforms Boom

When it comes to the hierarchy of accidents in the workplace, working at height has the ignominy of consistently ranking as the number one cause. Over recent years concerted efforts have been made to address this, but it remains a major issue and one which only training across the board, for employees and managers alike […]

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26 Apr

This week, we’ve been providing… Access for All! BLUEBELL WOOD CHILDRENS HOSPICE! Here at Eagle Platforms Ltd, we are extremely proud partners of local Childrens Hospice, Bluebell Wood. Over the last 18 months, we have been fundraising through various raffles, prize draws and donations to the Charity, along with collections tins at our offices. We […]

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25 Feb
Haulotte HA32 STage

Eagle Platforms Bulletin Feb 19 Eagle Platforms Ltd are one of the top 5 fastest growing access rental and training providers in the UK. In order to sustain this coveted position and better it in the future, it is necessary to constantly evolve and build on the strong foundation that has allowed the business to […]

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08 Jan
pasma and ipaf training

Here we are. 2019 – A brand new year and it is set to be a very interesting one, to say the least. After the excesses of Christmas and a severe lightening of the wallet and eroding of the bank account it is always great to find out a new offer in January. Eagle Platforms […]

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02 Jan
Xmas Boom

From our Chairman, Jim Haigh: “Thank you so much for helping to make our 2018 extra special with a massive 38% growth in business and the company strengthening our position as a lead supplier of access platforms, telehandler and ancillary training services. We are very excited about the prospects for our industry sectors in 2019, […]

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Eagle Platforms never have been a company to rest on our laurels. As part of our constant drive to keep our inventory cutting edge, top quality and something to be proud of we are delighted to be able to unveil a new fleet of telehandlers in the form of the pristine, snazzy new Haulotte HLT4014s. […]

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17 Oct

Exciting new development at Eagle Platforms Eagle Platforms are always on the lookout for more ways in which we can assist in the improvement of safety levels when working at height. Whether through updating hire equipment to taking advantage of technological improvements or tinkering with highly honed training programs, there is always something to be […]

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23 Sep
scissor lift training courses

What are scissor lifts? Scissor lifts are one of the most common and versatile types of aerial working platforms. The working parts that serve to elevate the platform from which work will be carried out contain interlocking pieces. The scissor lift is raised by applying hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical pressure to the outside of the […]

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21 Sep
Cherry Picker Training

What is a cherry picker? A cherry picker is a hydraulic crane with railed platform at its end point. It is used for raising and lowering workers who need to carry out work at height, especially where scaffolding is inappropriate, such as on overhead cables or other more inaccessible areas. Cherry pickers are also sometimes […]

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18 Jun
working at height safety training

Working at height is responsible for more accidents in the workplace than any other single cause and as such has the potential to lead to an inordinate amount of employees unable to work, poor morale among employees, court cases and severe fines for failing to comply with strict government protocol. Take a look at the […]

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26 Mar
Eagle Orders Secondary Safety Guards From Skyjack For Our Scissor Lift Hire

Safety is always at the forefront of our planning and decisions on inventory expenditure and as a result Eagle have taken the measure of ordering the revolutionary new SGLE systems from Skyjack for our scissor lifts for hire. Background Over the past half a year, Skyjack has been rigorously testing their new secondary guarding equipment […]

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17 Mar
scissor lifts

A form of MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform), the scissor lift is an essential piece of machinery in the armoury of those who work at height. Benefits of Scissor Lifts Scissor lifts are powered by hydraulics and are capable of raising and lowering heavy loads and personnel. The telescopic design from which the ‘scissor’ moniker […]

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